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Information Forms - Limited Liability
Company (LLC) Questionnaire


An LLC is designed for the sole proprietor/businesses to take similar tax advantages available to corporations; however, there is less IRS documentation and insignificant state filings.  The LLC has a finite number of years.  In Arizona, the dissolution date is no longer required in the Articles of Organization; however, the LLC is required to file a Notice of Winding Up at the closing of the entity.  The LLC has to file dissolution documents at that time or request renewal and refiling.  An LLC can dissolve at any time and restructure as a corporation if that benefits the business.  There is no annual report or fee required to maintain good standing with the Corporation Commission.  Please provide:

General Information

1)    Your name:               

2)    Your email address:  

LLC Questionnaire

     Complete name of the business:


2)     Arizona address of business:


3)    Statutory agent and address.  The statutory agent accepts any lawsuit summons's on 
        behalf of the LLC - it can be the name of the business owner.  The statutory agent
        must be located in Arizona.


4)    Manager only or members only (Check one box):

       Mananger Only           
Members Only             Manager(s)/Member(s)

5)    Provide names and addresses, including zip codes of all manager(s).  Provide names 
        and addresses of members with 20% or more interest in the business:


If unable to submit this by email, fax a copy of the current legal description to assure accurate duplication of text.  Fax to:  (480) 831-0858.

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