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Info Forms - Last Will & Testament Questionnaire



Testator - Male creator of will
Testatrix - Female creator of will
Personal Representative - Appointed by decedent to handle distribution of personal assets, property, and taxes
Alternate Personal Representative - Second choice if first appointee is unable to fulfill obligations
Beneficiary(ies) - Individuals designated by decedent tobenefit from Decedentís residue property
Successor beneficiary - Second choice if first beneficiaryis unable to accept residue property
Residue property - Remainder of decedentís estate after all the debts & particular legacies have been discharged
Witness - Individuals observing the formal signing by thetestatrix or testator

General Information

1)    Your name:               

2)    Your email address:  

Last Will & Testament Questionnaire

1)    Complete Name of Testator or Testatrix:


2)    Date of Birth:


3)    City and State of Birth:


4)    Marital Status / Name of Spouse:


5)    Names of Children:


6)    Persons intentionally excluded from Will:


7)    Personal Representative:


8)    Successor Personal Representative:


9)    Distribution:


10)  If this individual does not survive me, my residuary estate
        shall be distributed as follows (check one):
  Equally            Percentages

11)    Successor Beneficiaries:


12)    If any child of mine does not survive me and has no
          children who survive me, such deceased childís
          share shall be distributed in equal share to my other 
          children.  In the event my spouse and children and
          their children do not survive me, the distribution of
          my residue property goes to:


13)    Disposition of remains (check one):

  Burial            Cremation

14)    Names and addresses of witnesses:


If unable to submit this by email, fax a copy of the current legal description to assure accurate duplication of text.  Fax to:  (480) 831-0858.

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