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Info Forms - Incorporation Questionnaire


General Information

1)    Your name:               

2)    Your email address:  

Incorporation Questionnaire

Name and address of business (a principle place of


2)    The corporate purpose – a broad statement pertaining to
        “engaging in any lawful activity:”


3)    Statutory agent – person authorized to physically accept
    delivery of certain legal  documents (including lawsuits) on
    behalf of your corporation.  MUST BE AN ARIZONA

4)    Stock information: Include number of shares the corporation
    is authorized to issue, designation of classes of shares
    (common/par value), and value of each share:

    No. of Shares            Classes of Shares            Value per Share

5)    Incorporators - persons who initiate the incorporation
        process and are often responsible for signing the articles
        of incorporation prior to filing with the state:




If unable to submit this by email, fax a copy of the current legal description to assure accurate duplication of text.  Fax to:  (480) 831-0858.

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